The United States and the European Union (EU), to which may be added nonmembers Norway and Switzerland, together account for about one-half of global GDP, fairly evenly divided between the two sides of the Atlantic. These countries are the core of democracy, constitutional government, the rule of law, and market or mixed economies in the world. The U.S., Canada, and 26 European nations are members of perhaps the most successful politico-military alliance in modern history, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Among the activities of the Transatlantic Relations Project are the following:

  • To organize roundtables composed of equal numbers of American and European foreign policy specialists and past and present decision-makers for discussion ofsecurity issues. Reports are published in the National Committee’s journal, American Foreign Policy Interests.
  • To offer a forum for visiting European scholars, diplomats, and political leaders. Also, to brief visiting European decision-makers, usually at the request of the State Department.
  • To build support for cooperation by Americans and Europeans in order to promote common values and deal more effectively with common problems.

Transatlantic Reports

Repairing U.S. European Relations 2004


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