Our Mission

The National Committee on American Foreign Policy, Inc. (NCAFP) was founded in 1974 by Professor Hans J. Morgenthau and others. It is a nonprofit policy organization dedicated to the resolution of conflicts that threaten U.S. interests. Toward that end, the NCAFP identifies, articulates, and helps advance American foreign policy interests from a nonpartisan perspective within the framework of political realism.

Kennan, Schwab and Kissinger

The Honorable George Kennan, Dr. George D. Schwab and Dr. Henry Kissinger confer on U.S. foreign policy.

American foreign policy interests include:

  • Preserving and strengthening national security;
  • Supporting the values and the practice of political, religious, and cultural pluralism;
  • Addressing non­-traditional security challenges such as terrorism, cyber security and climate change;
  • Curbing the proliferation of nuclear and other unconventional weapons;
  • Promoting an open and global economy.

The NCAFP fulfills its mission through Track I 1⁄2 and Track II diplomacy. These closed­-door and off­-the­-record conferences provide opportunities for senior U.S. and foreign officials, subject experts, and scholars to engage in discussions designed to defuse conflict, build confidence, and resolve problems.

Believing that an informed public is vital to a democratic society, the National Committee offers educational programs and issues a variety of publications that address security challenges facing the United States.


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