WATCH Next Gen Policy Perspective: The Korean Peninsula & Beyond

WATCH Next Gen Policy Perspective: The Korean Peninsula & Beyond

WATCH Next Gen Policy Perspective: The Korean Peninsula & Beyond

The Future of the Korean Peninsula and Beyond:
Next Generation Policy Perspectives

The Korean Peninsula is critical to regional and global security. Under the new ROK administration, President Yoon’s “global pivotal state” initiative demonstrates efforts to establish the ROK as a global player. Furthermore, President Yoon and President Biden have pledged to deepen US-ROK alliance coordination on a variety of traditional and non-traditional security issues beyond the Indo-Pacific region. However, there remain enhanced security challenges in the region that require urgent attention, namely the continued expansion of the DPRK nuclear weapons and missiles programs, as well as deteriorating US-China relations.

Over the last six months, the NCAFP organized a group of 11 next-generation scholars and experts from all over the world to share their research ideas related to these topics, and to use that research to inform policy recommendations to improve conditions on the Korean Peninsula for the future. Please join us for a discussion with these emerging leaders as they share their insights on addressing Korean Peninsula security issues.

Moderated By

Susan A. Thornton
Director, Forum on Asia-Pacific Security


Ms. Marialaura DE ANGELIS
Co-Founder & Creator

Dr. Benjamin A. ENGEL
Research Professor, Institute of
International Affairs
Seoul National University

Dr. Francesca FRASSINETI 
Associate Research Fellow
Italian Institute for International Political Studies

Mr. Lokman KARADAG
Ph.D. Candidate, Political Science
International Islamic University

Mr. Dylan MOTIN
Ph.D. Candidate
Kangwon National University

Mr. Abhishek SHARMA
Ph.D. Candidate
Delhi University

MPhil Candidate
University of Oslo

Lecturer in Humanitarian Studies;
Associate Director of Research, Center for Humanitarian Leadership

Deakin University

Mr. Yifei ZHU
Ph.D. Candidate
Freie Universität Berlin


This emerging leaders workshop was made possible by the generous support of: 
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Henry Luce Foundation
Korea Foundation 
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation


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