Next Gen Perspectives on Multilateralism in the Asia Pacific

Next Gen Perspectives on Multilateralism in the Asia Pacific

Next Gen Perspectives on Multilateralism in the Asia Pacific

January 27 |  7:00pm-8:00pm (U.S. EDT)

As international connectivity and globalization continue to deepen, there exists an urgent need for heightened multilateral cooperation on transnational security and economic challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic, amid other emergent concerns, has laid bare the global dissatisfaction with what are considered ineffective and outdated international institutions. Geopolitical competition also engulfs these institutions and regional frameworks for cooperation, resulting in the proliferation of new and separate arrangements—especially in the Asia Pacific. These new organizations or agreements are often exclusive to particular country groupings or strategic interests, rather than a focus on functional or supplemental needs.

With much debate over how and why multilateralism became ineffective and mired in intractable political posturing, what is needed now more than ever is a discussion of how to address challenges to, and find paths forward for multilateral engagement. Join the NCAFP as we convene a panel of distinguished emerging leaders, who are at the forefront of addressing this complex web of policy challenges, as they share their perspectives and policy recommendations for reimagined multilateralism in the Asia Pacific.


Professor Andrew Yeo
Senior Fellow & SK-Korea Foundation Chair in Korea Studies, Brookings Institution;
Professor of Politics & Director of Asian Studies, The Catholic University of America


Mr. Blake Berger
Assistant Director, Asia Society Policy Institute

Mr. Gibum Kim
 Associate Research Fellow, Korea Institute for Defense Analyses

Ms. Yuka Koshino
Research Fellow for Security and Technology, International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)

Ms. Alyssa Leng
Research Fellow and Economist, Power and Diplomacy Program, Lowy Institute


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