2006 Events

2006 Events

2006 Events

George F. Kennan Award for Distinguished Public Service

Award Dinner
December 7, 2006


The Middle East

Foreign Policy Briefing
November 7, 2006


Rethinking U.S.-UN Relations: Mutual Challenges & Expectations

Panel Discussion
October 4, 2006


Turkey's Foreign Policy Interests

Breakfast Address
September 18, 2006


Iran: The Nuclear Threat & Beyond

Panel Discussion
September 7, 2006


The U.S. Army and the Long War

Breakfast Briefing
Friday, May 5, 2006


Peace Process in Northern Ireland: A Unionist View

Luncheon Discussion
April 5, 2006


The Peace Process as Viewed from Amman

Foreign Policy Briefing
April 4, 2006


Hamas and the Middle East

Luncheon Address
March 23, 2006


Whither Iran?

Foreign Policy Briefing
February 21, 2006


WSecurity and Stability in Central Asia: Differing Interests and Perspectives

Annual Dinner
January 10, 2006


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