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FAPS Project Associate


The duties of the Project Associate position could be divided into three parts: grant writing, research, and event planning/coordination. As Project Associate, you work directly underneath the Assistant Project Director and as such, your primary function is to assist the Assistant Project Director in anything that he/she requires. This includes making sure that the project’s daily operations run smoothly, that organizational information is up-to-date, that the information we send to foundations is current and correct, and so on. The responsibilities of the FAPS Project Associate include but are not limited to the following:

• Office Management and assisting general NCAFP programs
-Help keep FAPS organized.
-Make sure that supplies (printer ink, post its, binders et al.) are in stock and available for use by the Assistant Project Director and Project Director. Keep events, trip and foundation binders up-to-date.
-Maintain FAPS electronic database. Everything from past Track II events, to foundation reports and proposals, to general research is kept on an NCAFP computer network. The information contained therein is vast and requires constant updating/organization.
-Help with general NCAFP-sponsored events. Help NCAFP staff at their public salon and evening events. This might include greeting/checking in guests.

• Grant Reporting and Grant Proposal Writing
-Assist in preparing reports and proposals to the foundations and grant-making organizations that support FAPS
-Assist in writing the narrative sections of reports and proposals to foundations and grant-making organizations. The more substantive aspects of FAPS grant writing will be handled by the Project Director and Assistant Project Director. However, you will be asked to write certain sections depending on what is needed;
-Update appendices related to each report. Make sure all of the NCAFP organizational information is up-to-date and formatted properly. This includes lists of past events, project advisors and NCAFP board members and officers;
-Update and keep on top of reporting deadlines for our outstanding grant awards;
-Keep on file and update a list of deadlines for grant renewals.

• Fundraising
-Outreach to philanthropic foundations and Asian-American business community in New York
-Research different foundations that would possibly fund Track II work that we do not currently receive funding from, including their application guidelines and deadlines for submission. Make contacts if possible by sending LOIs (or Letters of Inquiry);
-Identify different businesses within the Asian-American community in New York;
-Make contacts in the business community. Invite them as guests to NCAFP public events- this is a good way to introduce them to our work.

• Research
-Other Track II Projects/ Events
-Keep abreast of other domestic Track II projects on Asia-Pacific security. Know what our NYC peer organizations (including Japan Society, the Korea Society, the Asia Society, the CFR, and others) are up to. Print out agendas, participant lists and outcome documents (if available) of these Track II meetings and keep on file;
-This type of research might yield names of experts who we might want to invite to our meetings and helps FAPS keep current with other Track II projects.
-Research Websites that are related to Asia-Pacific security
-Part of your day is to read through all of the best news coming out of the region. What are the best news/ blogs related to Asia-Pacific security? Make sure that you have a good list and check each site daily for any new information/reports/articles that might be useful to the project or which could be used as fodder for literature reviews.

• Assist Assistant Project Director in setting up Track II events:
-Setting up and preparing for Track II meetings hosted by FAPS. This includes the following:
-Reserving the proper room with Elena Garofalo who will then be able to, through Dr. Schwab, obtain a permission for us to use the room from the MOA Events Manager;
-Providing MOA food catering service (Tony Lee) with a memo requesting food for the meeting (when necessary);
-For meetings that need microphones and power point capabilities- secure audio/visual equipment from outside A/V vendor;
-Double-checking the agenda, participant list and participant bios for the meeting and making sure the proper number of them gets printed out so that each participant receives a copy;
-Seeing that the nameplates for each participant have been creating and printed out;
-Preparing “the bag” for each Track II meeting. Making sure it includes a present for the head of the delegation (usually an NCAFP paperweight), the camera, all of the meeting materials (agendas, participant lists, bios, pads, pens, nameplates) and the NCAFP sign.
-Liaise with New York consulates, foreign and domestic think tanks and government officials when necessary to help set up meetings for Professor Zagoria and/or FAPS-sponsored Track II meetings.

To apply, please send a resume and cover letter (including salary requirements) to, with FAPS Project Associate in the subject line.

NCAFP Fall 2014 Intern


In addition to assisting with the day-to-day operations of the NCAFP, the Intern will be responsible assisting with program preparation and events, updating office documents, researching local events for staff members to attend, and monitoring current research in field. The Intern will also be expected to assist NCAFP staff with long-term development projects including future program planning, membership initiatives and outreach, NCAFP archive organization, and website/social media maintenance.


Must be pursuing an undergraduate  degree. Students studying at local universities and those spending a semester in New York will be considered. Intern must be able to work an average of 6-10 hours per week (including time spent at programs).

• Ability to multitask and attention to detail a must.
• Strong research, writing, communication, organizational, social media and computer skills.
• Knowledge of national security issues highly desirable.

Interns are required to attend NCAFP public programs and events, some of which are in the evening.

To apply, please send a resume, cover letter, and brief writing sample to


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September 15, 2014, 12:00 PM
September 18, 2014, 5:30 PM
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